Around 2500 years ago, the land of Lala in North India was ruled by a king named Sinhabahu and his wife, Sinhavalli. They had many children, the eldest of whom was named Vijaya.

Vijaya was an extremely mischievous and wilful young man. His father pardoned him many times for his unlawful acts, but finally the King got tired of his behaviour and put him on a boat with 700 of his companions and sent the boat adrift on the ocean.

For many days the boat sailed, before finally reaching Sri Lanka.

Even before Vijaya landed in Lanka, the island was inhabited by tribes called the Yakkas and Nagas. Kuveni was a Yakka queen who initially tried to kill Vijaya and his followers. Failing to do so, she convinced him into accepting her as his queen.

Kuveni helped Vijaya defeat the Yakkas and become ruler of the entire island. Vijaya, however, was not happy with Kuveni and abandoned her and their two children. He then married a beautiful princess from Madura (India), who had arrived on the island by ship.

Kuveni was killed by the Yakkas for her betrayal, and her two children escaped into the forest.

Vijaya and his new queen reigned over Sri Lanka for 38 years, and brought the country to a state of prosperity.


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